Speaker bio

JJ Geewax is a software engineer at Google, currently focusing on real-time payment networks and financial inclusion around the world. In his role on the Payments team, he is responsible for Google's contributions to Mojaloop, an open-source real-time payment system, representing Google on the Mojaloop Foundation's Technical Governing Board, and advising governments on technical aspects of RTP systems and third-party payment initiation.

Previously at Google, JJ worked on Google Cloud Platform, led the efforts for defining API Design rules across Alphabet (AIP.dev), and ran the east coast engineering team for DoubleClick Bid Manager. Prior to Google, JJ was VP, Engineering at Invite Media, which was acquired by Google in 2010.

JJ is also the author of two books (Google Cloud Platform in Action and API Design Patterns ) and has a Bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Pennsylvania and currently lives in Singapore.

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